Winthrop Street Baptist Church

Inviting all people to life under a better King.

A Better Family

Biblical community is a key value. God has brought us into his forever family.

A Better Party

Joyous celebration is a key value. Disciples of Jesus have more reasons to party then anyone else because of all that God has done for them through Jesus.

A better Job

Every member a minister is a key value. Each member of the church is an official, card carrying representative of King Jesus, who's primary job is to serve as an ambassador for Jesus.

A Better Message

Gospel centrality is a key value. Everything we are as Christians is rooted in the good news of God's work for us through the death and resurrection of King Jesus. The good news of the gospel is a better message than anything this world has to offer.

Lights On!

Our Christmas Outreach during the "Lighting of The Green" In Taunton.